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I sew clothes from sizes XXS to XXXL & 54, and larger sizes to order. I sew with a lot of care. eg the seams are visible, around the neck, decorative ribbons, and cuffs. This is how my designs reflect my interpretation of medieval costumes. I sew clothes for your here on Gotland from patterns I have designed from church art, paintings, books and visits to museums, so hopefully they reflect contemporary clothes. NOTE! Every dress or man's costume is unique. No two items are the same. They all differ in decoration and colour.


This is my design and interpretation of medieval costumes. I sew up to sizes 54 & XXXL, and larger sizes to order.  

I also sew according to your measurements.  Leave measurements and style on the contact page or call   0762282725.

(The price may then differ from what is quoted for the style.)